Women Issues Speaker – Self Respect and Discernment to Deal With Players Preying on You

It breaks my heart to hear of women being taken advantage of by deceitful men. I recently heard of a lonely woman who got involved with a younger man and was duped by him to take out a second mortgage on her home to “invest” in building a house (on land he owned) in Jamaica.

She was promised the two would live there together.

The only problem is the two were not married and she financed the majority of the construction of the home with him doing a little oversight during the building.

Once the home was built (which cost her $180,000 USD), the two broke up. When she asked her former boyfriend to sell the home or refund her money, he ignored her entirely and stopped returning her phone calls. Living in a foreign country, the lady had little recourse by law as she had no contract nor marital covenant.

Being in an entirely different country with no written contract whatsoever, this player preyed on this foolish woman who was seduced by her emotions and promises of love to invest her entire life’s savings, children’s inheritance and basically her entire estate in an ex-boyfriend’s new Caribbean home (which she did not have any contractual interest nor a marital right to claim).

That was enough money to send everyone of her children and grandchildren to college. The woman never bought any of her children a car or house, but when some smooth talking player passed by ready to prey on her insecurity and emotional emptiness she opened up her entire bank account to be stolen right beneath her eye.

The moral of this sad story is don’t do business ladies on love, because it may later turn out to be nothing more than momentary infatuation, lust and you losing big time at the hands of a smooth talker and player preying handsomely on you!

When the emotional flurry, butterflies and romance is gone you had better be sure you have not signed away your personal estate and financial investments.

Guard your heart and your purse when dating men. I don’t care if you are in a “committed” relationship or not. I don’t even care if you are engaged. Until you are legally married, you have no business living together, sharing a home, nor bank account.

If you have to finance a man’s life – get rid of him asap! Tell him to get lost and to get a job. Don’t invest in any man’s dreams until you are married to him.

If you are so desperate and emotionally lonely that you are selling yourself (or rather paying / bribing guys to date and be with you), they are not worthy of you. They are purely playing you, making you no better than a pimp and the man the whore.

Get a grip and take a check up from the neck up. Listen to your Pastor, family and friends. The first sign of danger is when you “love him so much” and begin to feel “nobody else understands… we’re in love” etc. that you isolate yourself and remove yourself from outside counsel and wisdom.

Women Issues Around the Globe

According to a United Nations 2009 report on women’s rights, the global community has failed to attain its objective of empowering women and attaining gender equality between men and female and that only 10 out of 180 member countries had attained some response. In the report it is pointed that women continue to be undermined and deprived of fundamental rights and freedoms as most countries have failed to impose measures.

Women issues around the globe are a vital gauge of understanding world welfare it can be seen all around the world that countries which discriminate on women are usually the least developed for example the Afghanistan while countries that seek to empower women for example Sweden, US and Norway are usually very developed. The U.S though developed and seeking to empower women in the last three decades, little progress can be said to have been achieved. Women in the U.S are still regard lowly citizens as compared to their male counterparts in almost all dimensions of the society.

In politics itself women are not regarded as serious contenders and many do think that they should leave politics to men whom they view as strong leaders of the society. The result of this discrimination is clearly seen in the ratio of male to female persons in government. This too has resulted in gender issues in government lacking representation. At domestic levels women are not spared either. Statistics have shown in the recent gender violence among women has increased. Although their stiff penalties for this type of behavior, not much has changed in fact, many women are not reporting such incidences since there are long lasting solutions to curb this menace.

The reproduction health is also another issue that has sparked debate for a very long time. Women cannot determine choices about their reproductive health unless with permission from authorized sources which is rather wanting as this means that women cannot decide on what is good or bad for themselves. Economically women still lag behind men. Most prosperous companies around the country are owned and run my males. This is so because their many hurdles that are thrown on a woman path once she decides to start up her own company for example, societies do not support such kind of women as they believe that they are abounding their family chores for materialistic gains. Many other women find themselves being asked for sexual favors by people in order for certain business deals to be met. In the end women shy away from business ventures and resign to mare docile carriers.

Recent studied have also indicated that women earn less than men for the same kind of labor or services rendered. This is due to the belief that men are providers of the society and their input or output is quite vital to the well being if the society as compared to the value of a females work. Women suffer quietly with the motive to be authentic and to be recognized for who they really are. Issues revolving female sexuality, sexuality identity and women’s sex lives from childhood through menopause and old age. Change in this trend begins with women. Most women are trapped by old ideas and are adamant to try something new. Women should get organized and tackle the clutter and clean up this act of gender inequality.

Women Issues – Report from UN on Women’s Rights

The progress in women’s issues may not be at the expected level, but it is going in the right direction. It has not progressed any faster because the prejudices against women are inbuilt in many traditions. It is not easy to change in a decade the ways and traditions that have been observed and practiced for over thousands of years. Nevertheless, all journeys begin with a single step. There are some reports of advancements with regard to equality in workplace and the increased hiring of women in male-dominated professions in countries like India and South Africa. Finally, the governments of South America continent are also taking women’s concerns seriously. Women in these countries are able to get loans from the banks freely without much red tape, and this loaned money has helped them live better lives. The right to vote was also briefly given to the women in Kuwait. This act alone put enormous pressure on Kuwait’s neighboring countries in and around Middle East, which do not allow their women to vote because they are still considered second-class citizens. As a whole, the international women’s suffrage movement is slowly and steadily gaining momentum.

The gender wage gap is unfortunately growing wider. Countries who have promised to implement the necessary actions have not done so, and women living in these areas continue to accept wages way below what they deserve. Many countries have not accepted the results from the Women’s World Conference and unfortunately continue to disregard issues that concern women and their rights. In some societies, violence against women has even escalated and sometimes takes place in public. When their respective governments are questioned or asked to stop these practices, they justify the violence as a component of their religion, culture, or tradition.

In the United States, the average woman holding a white-collar job is paid 72 cents on a man’s dollar. When a survey was conducted asking people what they thought was a good pay for women working the same job as a man, almost all respondents believed that that 80 cents on a man’s dollar was a good figure for a woman doing the same job. The statistics gets worse for women in the lower class structures. In third world countries, women do almost half of the farming and harvesting of crops. They also maintain grocery shops along with running the household alone. These women still get paid significantly less when compared to men who perform the same job. It then becomes very hard for women to raise their standards of living because they are forced to depend on men for everything. The governments and business owners of these countries have yet to realize that work once used to be done by men can be done by women who produce equal or better products than her male counterpart.

The report also shows that four out of every six women live in poverty despite being workers who produce half of the world’s food. The sad consequence of this poverty results in more women being trafficked into the slave trade. More often than not, they end up in brothels as dancers and prostitutes. In countries like Bangladesh, families can sell their daughter to brothels for cash. The sold girls do not keep any money from the sale, and a large number of them develop AIDS or other sexual diseases.

Womens Issues

The numerous physical and mental ailments that befall a woman make up most of the women issues with breast cancer, diabetes and reproductive and birth control issues to name a few. Off these issues some of the most critical and the frequent ones have been briefly explained in the following paragraphs.

Without doubt one of the top most issues is that of mental health and its respective issues such as anxiety, apprehension, mental ailments in addition to self annihilation are at the very top. There are several psychiatric issues that are more prevalent amongst the women in contrast to men. In fact according to research depression claims twice the number of women as opposed to men and the level of severity is also advanced. And it is believed by medical practitioners that the level of stress is a major contributor to the overall transformation in the brain, which in return has the power to affect the overall mental health.

Another major issue is that of heart diseases. This issue is mainly directed towards the symptoms, their avoidance and possible cures for this malady. It also covers the ratio of women affected by it in comparison to men.

When discussing issues of the fairer sex the condition of menopause can not be ignored. It takes place a year after the menstruation cycle has come to an end. The The mood fluctuations that are very common are also dealt with in this issue along with the possible hormone therapies.

Another issue facing the women is that of thinning hair and baldness. Although this issue is more often associated with men but women are not completely free from it. Although they do not go completely bald like the men but more than half the women fall victim to this ailment at some point in their life.

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Hair Loss Treatment for Women – Issues and Remedies

For many ladies, hair is an important part of their individuality. Regardless if it is long or short, colored or normal, wonderful and frivolous or impressive and classic, just how ladies do their hair usually indicates exactly how they desire the world to view them. This is the reason why hair loss for women can be so damaging. Regardless of whether via chemotherapy or alopecia (or another disease), experiencing losing hair adds to the hardship of the situation. This is the reason why hair loss treatment for women is really critical for many ladies. In addition, normal factors that happen to every woman may play a role in losing your hair. Immediately after menopausal, the hair of many ladies actually starts to thin.

Furthermore, things that are made up of plenty of estrogen (for instance birth control capsules), can cause quite a bit of loss of hair.

For females having mild to major loss of hair, not necessarily linked to a serious illness, diet plans might help lower the loss of hair. Despite the fact that a vegetarian diet plan possesses many benefits, iron is a vital building block of good hair. One particular good supply of iron is red meat, even though it’s also present in substantial amounts in spinach and meats. Merely altering your diet plan is really a low-cost and easy hair loss treatment for women.

Many females also experience hair loss due to the things they put their hair through. Excessive chemical solutions and high temperature could cause the hair follicles to snap and turn out to be damaged. In severe instances, chemical hair treatments (such as perms and color treatments) can burn the hair and lead it to fall out entirely. This is why untouched hair tends to be the best. There are a handful of alternative hair styles, like pony tails, that may trigger hair damage.

There are different commercial hair loss treatment for women products available on the market. Several of them tend to focus on a specific area, or to have a unique substance (such as fructose or iron). Several of such products might cause the hair to become thick and to give the hair a defensive layer so that it is not susceptible to damage. Each and every product functions considerably different, and might have different outcomes from woman to woman, so it is important to research and try if one item fits you.